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Events Calendar

What are AmeriPlan Events?

Throughout the month, AmeriPlan Corporate has scheduled Team AmeriPlan Meetings (TAM) that take place across the nation in key markets. Below you will find descriptions for the AmeriPlan Events, both Corporate and Field, with links to the AmeriPlan Google Events Calendar.

Events Calendar

The AmeriPlan Events Calendar shows two types of events. Events shown in blue are those sponsored by AmeriPlan Corporate. Those shown in red are events that are sponsored and held by AmeriPlan Benefit Consultants. If you want to schedule and publicize an event, send all the details – date, time, location, who is hosting, and any other relevant information to Events are important to your AmeriPlan business. Check the calendar regularly for events taking place near you, AND PROMOTE THOSE EVENTS TO YOUR TEAM! Click to view Events Calendar »

Team AmeriPlan Meeting

Team AmeriPlan Meetings provide a place for Benefit Consultants and prospects alike to interact, to rub shoulders with others interested in entrepreneurism and pursuing goals both financial and personal. At a TAM meeting, Benefit Consultants can socialize together, train together, enroll new Benefit Consultants and members together, and celebrate together through recognition. If there is a TAM meeting near you, make sure you attend and BRING GUESTS! Click to view Events Calendar »

AmeriPlan Events Calendar




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